What does this place know of me, that I do not know of myself?

I’ve been a little behind lately with my blogging, it’s been ever so hectic since Christmas. We really have been thrown into this new term, it’s very fast paced but very exciting. Chris delivered the brief to us on the Monday morning as he usually does, but as you can imagine it was a lot more in depth than the previous ones.


What do I know of this place that I do not know of anywhere else?

What does this place know of me that I do not know of myself?

There were a few starting points of the brief that Chris supplied for us, such as questions, quotes and some stories. We got to thinking what a City is, or what the City could be. What defines a City? One thing for sure is that Cities are in constant change, the people change, and their morals change with them, everything is constantly moving and changing. How has your city changed you?

Within the theme of Cities, we had 3 subsidiary themes, too:

Migration- People/ideas/material/industrial

Power/Technology- Religion/Politics

The Hidden City- Layers/Guises

On first impressions it was clear to me that my heart (and fine liners) were leading towards The Hidden City, but of course as any artist should do, is investigate and explore the other two themes also. As a person I have a very distant relationship with both politics and migration- both are topics that I either haven’t got much of a clue about, or I am just completely uninterested (and after sitting in the library and researching into them both a little more, it confirmed my initial thoughts) But oh well, I am glad I did some investigations!

This brief is also a little different to the rest as it invites us to respond to many roles that we can take on, for example: a researcher, dramatist and interpreter (although this was throughout term 1), storyteller, reporter + journalist (documentation), witness + advocate + poet (speaking for ourselves) and prophet.

There are no limitations with this project.

Are you ready?


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