H & H & H

Crikey, the tutors are really having a whale of a time mixing all these new things into this term aren’t they?

So alongside a personal project, the new constellation scheme, we have now been introduced to a collaborative project, too! Is this a good thing? (it seems as though I won’t see the good side until it is all over, one of those kinda feelings)

So, Constellation is every Thursday and Collaboration is every Tuesday. We all met for the first time today in the room above Tommy’s bar. Beforehand we were all divded into groups via email, which depended on whether you had chosen Migration, Hidden City or Power for your sub-theme. Once we were all sat down Ray and James introduced themselves as our tutors for this part of the term. Soon after we were split into our backgrounds, starting with illustration. We all spread out and then it turned into a sort of school-like pick-your-sports-teams technique (where it seems that there’s somebody left until last, this doesn’t mean you’re unwanted, does it?) (nobody liked this technique) Anyway, the aim of it was to be that there were a small number of people to each group from 2 people minimum to 6 people max, all with someone from a different background: fine art, illustrator, designer/maker and so on. There were 3 of us in our group.



Hebe Spink- specialising in fine art and likes to work mainly with paint, that messy kind of way.

Hannah Thompson- designer/maker who likes to work with miniture buildings and has recently taken a deep interest in bronze casting.

The next part of the session required us to sit and get to know one another and attempt to put our heads and skills together to see what we could come up with between us as a solid project idea to run with for the next few weeks. It didn’t take us long to realise that we are all very different girls and work and think and produce very differently, we just really needed to try so hard for us to turn that into an advantage rather than a disadvantage. (this took us some time.. okay a lot of time)

Ideas began to crop up but thats all they seemed to be, ideas. Nothing infectious that had us all on the edges of our seats, but just something to fill the air, if you may. These included things such as creating our ouwn minitures hidden city that was the focus of a childrens book, a miniture city that were to be covered and closed over by a box that featured a peep-hole for you to see through where that city would be lit by a set of lights that cast thought-through shadows. As lovely as these ideas were we didn’t thrive off of them. So I briefly mentioned to the girls an idea that I had come up for my own personal take on the field project (but soon decided to leave behind) and we took off from there. It turned out well because, obviously I liked the idea as I was close to pursuing it for my personal project, and the girls also really liked it.

There’s hope afterall!


After sat looking through some books, I wandered into the architecture section and thats where I really struck gold. I had found a book that focussed greatly on the tops of buildings, and also blueprints for buildings. It was so appealing because of the beautiful patterns that were created. Imagine, what do buildings really look like from above? Do they even look like buildings? We all began to get more excited for the project, and as we relaxed with the idea we began to relax a lot more with each other (horay!)

Time to set ourselves some homework until we all meet again the Tuesday after:

All 3 of us go away, with a little research from the books within our library or of any source we see relevant, get some sketches, drawings or paintings done for us to show one another next week with explaining to each other what we are going to draw so they we can explain our own take on the idea through drawing next week.

*   *   *   *   *

( and breathe )


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