“I will not reason and compare: My Business is to Create”

William Blake

Well, as I have mentioned before, I think of myself as a fobbler. What is a fobbler I hear you say? I think a fobbler is someone who cannot simply throw themselves into a piece of work, without ultimately and completely exploding their train of thoughts onto a clean and crisp sketchbook page.

(are you a fobbler?)

So now I have my story I have no excuse to not get stuck in, right? But not after some fobbling.


There’s just something about sketchbooks that I love so much, I think it’s maybe because once you dedicated your time, and your thoughts, and all your fobbling to it, you can really feel the weight, its life of its own! Anyway, here’s a double spread of me dissecting the brief and getting my head together. I thought it would be a good idea for me to write down what I should be cautious and aware of with the project, as it seems like already I have managed to give myself a whole bunch of things that I would love to do.. but with what time???


TIME: My idea is very thick and elaborate for what we are required to do, if I want to get it done I really need to focus.

CONFIDENCE: I’ve never really drawn characters before and worked closely with colour, so I need to snap out of my hesitation and get stuck into it. It’s also good practice for me! (plus there’s no time to be shy)

*    *    *    *    *

You dissected the brief, now dissect your story, Heather!

 – – Character List – –

The Young boy: What will his name be? Maybe you will figure this out when you have designed him and spent more time together. Characteristics? He is going to be an explorer, with one consistent accessory that will feature throughout the story.. a toy, a birthmark, a hat. Something! Fun-loving, outgoing, adventurous, optimistic and a very happy young boy.

 His Future Self: Bleak, skinny, deprived of all the goods he thought he would have as an adult. Very pessimistic, sad, lonely, grey and hard to be around, and also hard to look at.

There are also the parents in the story. I don’t want them to be the main feature of the story, just to pop in here and there. This is of course apart from when they see their father in the future. So maybe, much like the kids television program Cow and Chicken, I could just make their bottom halves of their bodies visible.

Get scribbling you fobbling missy.


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