“It looks like my mums yorkshire puddings”

 – – 20.09.2013 – –

What a wonderful day!

Our train depaIMG_0531rted from Cardiff Central at 9:21 and we travelled to the quaint and feeble town of Abergavenny, where we were let loose for just under two hours to explore. The crooked little houses and shops danced with the winding roads. It was such a treat.

Walking boots on, picnic all packed, we headed straight into this extremely tiny art shop (creatively named ‘The Art Shop’) and there I purchased a wondrous small, square sketchbook (for those -I must draw that immediately- urges whilst on the go) and some delicious oil pastels; I’m never one to work in pastels, maybe it was the infectious buzz of the adventure that pushed me to try them out, or the fact that I couldn’t resist them because, well, if I were ever to be a set of 4 oil pastels, I would have been them (the evidence is in the colours of my skirt..).

IMG_0529 IMG_0530 IMG_0556

We then dashed into the indoor market, where stall owners stopped at nothing to show all of their items that they wished to sell.

The stalls were very impressive, I’m not one for cluttered spaces but something about these cramped tables drew me in: maybe all the things I could flood my eyes over, maybe the taste of someone else’s culture. I also spoke to a lovely old man, who was selling crystals and had made them into different types of jewellery. He had a very miniature Triceratops skull that had been carved out of a fossil itself, and he went on to tell me how he had kept it with him whilst he went through a divorce with his childhood sweetheart.

The walk up to the top of the hill was both a breath of fresh air, yet also a reality check (note to self: do more exercise!) What fascinated me the most was the trees. Those ever so spindly trees. I couldn’t help but imagine what kind of life could live here, what fairy tales could be set here or where the roots on the trees would take me if I could follow them. Amelia and I spoke of how it reminded us of Pans Labyrinth, a truly incredible Spanish film directed by Guillermo del Toro. Overall the walk was beautiful, and the Sugarloaf Mountain looked like one of my mums homemade Yorkshire puddings (she’s still working on getting them the right shape) and it definitely showed me another side to Wales.

I’m looking forward to returning.

The day drew to a close with a pint in the Hen & Chickens, where we all had a rest until we headed back into Cardiff.

IMG_0544 IMG_0524


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